Harvest Food Ministry
"Feeding the Hungry and
Offering Hope in Troubled Times."
This page shows you pictures and videos of what Harvest Food Ministry is really about; behind the scenes, during preparation, and in action!
  1. Middle School Donation 1
  2. High School Donation 2
  3. Food Haulers
  4. Middle School Donation 2
  5. Elementary Donation 1
  6. Elementary Donation 2
  7. Elementary Donation 3
  8. High School Donation 1
Here are the results of the Holliday School's Food Drive. Click an image to see more!
These kids are donating their garage sale money to
Harvest Kids. Thanks!
Mr. & Mrs. Holliday Heifer. These two teachers raised the most money for Harvest Food Ministry Holliday!
This video shows how how the new Harvest Food Ministry building became what it is today!